Desalination Water Treatment

Novatron is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of water desalination equipment in Perth, as well as water desalination plants. There is no substitute for clean water and absolutely crucial to provide this valuable resource for family and employees. Wherever you need cleaner water, we have the knowledge and technology to deliver it to you.

We are a local company based in Forrestfield. For the last 20 years, we have worked with major companies in a wide range of industries, including mining, gas, oil, offshore, industrial, agricultural, and much more. In that time we have installed over 390 water systems throughout Australia and South East Asia. We intend to continue growing and service even more regions.

Our large capabilities make this possible as we can supply units for tap, brackish, and seawater sources. Our designs are modular up to 1000 m3 per day which makes it easy to meet your daily plant requirements. These systems can be customised to suit your unique needs for maximum results. We also supply the pre-treatment and post-treatment equipment required for your project.


Desalination Water Treatment Services

For desalination in Perth, you need a company that can provide you with a wide range of services. Since our climate is continuing to dry, it is crucial that we take advantage of sustainable water sources. In order to have enough water for our needs, we cannot rely on traditional surface and groundwater sources. There is simply not enough rainfall to rely on these old systems.

At Novatron, we offer a variety of services to ensure that we can meet the water needs of your unique project. We handle design, engineering, procurement, installation, site supervision, maintenance and much more. For your peace of mind, we also handle plant inspections to validate they are performing in accordance with your specifications.

For maintenance we visit your site at scheduled times to make sure everything is functioning as expected at a frequency that suits you – monthly, quarterly or annually. If you experience any issues in the meantime, simply contact us and we will have our highly skilled maintenance crew fix it as quickly as possible. Luckily, these issues are rare as we focus on designing plants that run smoothly for a long time.

In order to accomplish this, we only use the highest quality raw materials for each and every project. We source all of these materials from the major producers in their respective fields. This allows us to tackle site-specific requirements efficiently and effectively.

For smaller applications, we also have a standard product range that can be fully customised to suit the specific needs of your project. You will appreciate the control that this level of flexibility gives you. Whatever your requirements and constraints, we can help supply you with a desalination plant that meets your needs. If you need help deciding which is right for you, contact our knowledgeable representatives today.


Desalination Plant Equipment and Parts

No job is complete without the right parts. At Novatron, we stock a wide range of equipment to handle any project. The models shown here are of recent plants however we can manufacture a plant with a capacity that suits your project requirements.

In addition to our high quality units, we also have several others parts available. Our liquid-filled high pressure gauges come in both front and rear entry. They come in both stainless steel and brass to meet the needs of your project.

High pressure and low pressure valves are also important in many applications. We carry two-way valves and three-way L valves, available in both brass and stainless steel. If you need needle valves instead, we have several high pressure panel mounted options.

No desalination project would be complete with the proper hoses and fittings, so we carry compression tube fittings, PVC, o-rings and much more. We also have the ability to manufacture customised hydraulic hoses if your project requires it.

Check out the parts section to learn more about this equipment, as well as our pressure relief valves, pressure vessels, membranes, chemicals, cartridges, housings, pumps, and more. If there are any parts you require for your RO plant (oppositions or ours) we are all too happy to help.


Desalination Water Treatment Process

Many of our clients are curious how the desalination process works. The most crucial element to understand is reverse osmosis. Osmosis is when water from a dilute solution passes through a semipermeable membrane into a more concentrated solution.

For desalination, we need the opposite of that which is a process known as reverse osmosis. In other words, we need to separate the impurities and dissolved salts from the water solution. We accomplish this by exerting pressure on a semipermeable membrane. The potable water is able to permeate through fairly easily, so we can flush away the salt and other impurities.

Even if you do not completely understand the reverse osmosis process, the most important thing to understand is that it is the underlying biological process that we use when desalinating water. Our expert technicians have been using these principles to design and install plants for years.

Contact us today to learn more, order parts or schedule a consultation.