At Novatron, we take data security very seriously. We go to great lengths to protect your personal information and make sure that we have your safety in mind. This is also why we want to be completely transparent and provide you with this privacy policy page. If you have any questions about this policy, do not hesitate to contact us.

We always handle personal information carefully to ensure that your data is protected and kept secure. We understand that personal information in the wrong hands can be dangerous. Our website uses cookies for storing information, which ultimately allows us to deliver a better customer experience.

Here are the two types of data that our website collects:

1. Information related to your computer and how it is used. This includes things like IP addresses, browsers, operating systems, geographical information, and similar data points. Information on how you navigate the site is also collected, such as how long you stayed on the site, which pages you viewed, and what links you clicked.

2. Information that you provide us with. If you have browsed our website, you probably notice a contact form where you can get in touch with us. This form collects your name, email, phone number, and request. If you enter your personal information in this form, we may store it.

While you are browsing the Novatron website, cookies may also be used. A cookie is a small file that is used for identification, as well as the collection and storage of data. While navigating a website, these small files are saved within the browser. Cookies have many applications, including recording data, preventing you from fraud, and increasing overall web security.

There are two different kinds of cookies. The first is the session cookies, which is removed from the browser as soon as you exit it. The second is a persistent cookie, which is not removed until a predefined amount of time as passed. Persistent cookies can still be deleted manually by the user.

We use cookies because they provide us with useful information that we are then able to use to improve your customer experience, such as improving the website, analysing information, creating reports, and more. Our advertisers might also use some cookie information to improve marketing campaigns.

If you are interested in rejecting cookies, check the documentation related to your browser. Typically, the cookies can be rejected in the browser settings, but each browser provider is unique. Some browsers allow all cookies to be rejected, but others only allow cookies from a third party to be rejected. See your browser provider’s website for additional details.

Here are the main categories of usage for our collected data:

  • Answer questions from customers or scheduling consultations.
  • Creating marketing and non-marketing materials for communication.
  • Research, analysis and reporting to increase the customer experience.
  • Preventing fraud and ensuring our website is secure.

Feel free to contact Novatron with any question that you may have about our privacy policy.