Water Purification

A clean water supply is essential for our health and the health of the planet. Not only do we need clean high-quality drinking water, but we also need fresh water for cooking and cleaning. When it comes to farming, gardening, and other agricultural functions, clean water is also essential, and water purification is a critical part of this.

There are several methods and technologies for water purification. Some of them rely on rainfall, such as groundwater sources and traditional surfaces. But these methods are often not feasible in Australia due to our incredibly dry climate. Our water purification systems rely on other methods that are sustainable.

At Novatron, we have been designing, manufacturing, and installing systems for water purification in Perth for over 20 years. Over that time we have installed over 390 water purification systems, including filtration plants in Australia and South-East Asia. We are a growing company and intend to continue expanding into more regions in the future.

Whether you need a residential purification system or a larger water treatment plant for commercial use, we can handle the design, installation, maintenance, and inspection process. Whether you need the system for tap water, brackish water or seawater, we can customise your purification system to meet your exact needs.

Many of our designs are modular up to 1000 m3 per day which have been used in oil, mining, gas, offshore, agricultural, industrial, and other demanding settings. We always use the highest quality raw materials and equipment to ensure that our purification systems are durable and produce consistently clean water.


Water Purification Process

The services that we offer can be used to design and install a water purification system from beginning to end. The first step in the entire process is for us to understand your unique purification needs. We make sure to discuss the project with you in detail and gather all of your requirements. If you are not exactly sure what you need, we can also help make recommendations.

After that, we can start designing a system that is perfectly customised for your unique situation. Our team of highly knowledgeable, and experienced designers know how to combine a range of technologies to suit your specific application.

Next comes the actual installation step. Our technicians and project managers have handled many such projects for our clients. You will be amazed at how the design starts coming to life during all aspects of the installation.

Our services go beyond the installation process as we also offer maintenance. We can set up a schedule that is convenient for you where we thoroughly inspect everything. This ensures that the system is running as designed without having any issues. If we find a problem, we can resolve it quickly to make sure that your purification system is optimised for efficiency.

This ongoing maintenance saves time and money in the long run. If you just wait for major issues to present themselves, you are likely to spend a lot more on expensive repairs. Additionally, when small issues are not diagnosed and fixed, they can become big problems that take days or weeks to fix. In a commercial setting, this can be especially costly because your purification system is out of order during the repairs.


Water Purification Equipment and Parts

When it comes to water purification, you need a dependable water unit. We carry both brackish units and seawater units for your convenience. Feel free to browse through different models on the site. These models are of our past work. However, if none of the existing models suit your needs, we are can manufacture one for you.

The parts we stock are also important when it comes to a well-functioning and efficient purification system. We carry high-pressure valves and low-pressure valves in both two-way and three-way options. If you need needle valves or pressure relief valves, we also have a range of those available in both stainless steel and brass.

Our tap, brackish, and seawater membranes are made by a variety of manufacturers from around the world. This makes it easy for us to provide you with the exact membrane that’s best for your specific application. They are also available in many different sizes and dimensions.

Additionally, we carry fittings, hoses, chemicals, cleaning solutions, pressure vessels, cartridges, pumps, sand, and all of the other materials that are needed in setting up a reliable purification system.


Water Purification Process through Reverse Osmosis

Our advanced water purification systems rely on reverse osmosis. Reverse osmosis is the biological process that is needed to separate freshwater from all of the biological contaminants, impurities, salts, and minerals. A crucial tool in this entire process is a semipermeable membrane.

We exert pressure onto the tap, brackish or seawater. This forces the impurities in the water to pass through the semipermeable membrane so you are left with clean, fresh, potable water. The systems then dispose of the concentrated salts and impurities.

When it comes to water purification and buying their own water filter, Perth homeowners can trust that we always use high-quality raw materials and equipment to ensure all necessary impurities will be properly removed. Some companies cut corners with the equipment, which produces water that is not nearly as clean as it should be. Each and every element of our purification systems are optimised to reliably give you clean water so that you’ll never deal with contaminated water again.

For more information about our range of water treatment plants, or any other services and products, contact our offices today. We can make specific recommendations, provide you with additional information or schedule a consultation.