Water Treatment and Testing

A water filtration system works by removing impurities, contaminants and particles of debris from your water. The filter acts as a sieve that collects the contaminants as the water flows through, and the filter prevents these things from remaining in the water after it has been filtered. Once the water is filtered, you are left with clean, clear potable water. However, it’s not as simple as adding a filter to your pipes and calling it a day. Water filtration is just one step in the process to purifying your water supply. At Novatron, we take many steps to ensure your water is filtered, purified and fit for any purpose. But before we start, we need to know several things.

Information Novatron Requires:

When enquiring about a water desalination machine:

  • Is your water supply Brackish Water or Sea Water?
  • If your enquiry is regarding Brackish Water do you have a Water Analysis? (We do not require an Analysis if your enquiry is regarding Sea Water.)
  • How much Water can the Bore or source of supply deliver per hour?
  • What is your daily water usage requirement?
  • Information regarding your power supply, e.g single or three phase etc.

Procedure for Testing of Water Source

Your water needs to be tested using the following procedures before coming to Novatron:

  1. Water Source should be run continuously for a minimum of 1 hour with best results after 3 hours.
  2. Keeping the flow going, fill a clean container such as a plastic bucket and place a clean sample container completely under water. This is to ensure that as little as possible surface water enters the container.Pour some of the water out if necessary to end up with 10% air and 90% water in the container before closing the lid (preferably screw top) firmly.Please note that due to the wide range of test parameters the laboratory requires at least 1 litre of water.
  3. Forward the sample as soon as possible to MPL Laboratories at one of the following addresses.Please advise Novatron befrore you despatch your sample so that we may ensure that your sample receives immediate attention.Label your water sample clearly as indicated below.Client: NovatronType: Novatron AnalysisSample ID: (Your Name & Address & Telephone Number)Novatron will invoice you for your analysis to enable you to take advantage of our quantity discount.
Western Australia
16-18 Hayden Court
Myaree WA 6154
Ph: +61 8 9317 2505
Fax: +61 8 9317 4163
Email: laboratory@mpl.com.au
South Australia
7a The Parade
Norwood SA 5067
Ph: +61 8 7087 6800
Fax: +61 8 8362 1776
Email: adelaide@envirolab.com.au
New South Wales
12 Ashley Street
Chatswood NSW 2067
Ph: +61 2 9910 6200
Fax: +61 2 9910 6299
Email: sydney@envirolab.com.au

Web Site: www.envirolab.com.au

Please ask for a Novatron Water Analysis

The reason for this is that this laboratory has on file the necessary parameters and specifications, as supplied by the manufacturers of the filtration membranes, to give us the information we require to provide you with the best possible advice. This also enables us to pass on to you our ‘quantity’ discount when we invoice you for your water analysis.

Parameters for Testing of Water Source

Parameters of a “Novatron” Water Analysis
Electrical Conductivity uS/cm 1
Total Dissolved Solids mg/L 1
pH pH Units 0.05
Turbidity NTU 0.1
TurbidityFiltered (Whatman 40) NTU 0.1
Colour True HZU 1
Iron, Fe (Soluble) mg/L 0.01
Iron (Total), Fe mg/L 0.01
Hardness mg/L 1
Hydrogen Sulphide, H2S mg/L 0.01
Calcium, Ca mg/L 0.1
Magnesium, Mg mg/L 0.1
Sodium, Na mg/L 1
Potassium, K mg/L 0.1
Ammonium as N mg/L 0.05
Barium, Ba mg/L 0.001
Strontium, Sr mg/L 0.005
Carbonate, CO3 mg/L 1
Bicarbonate, HCO3 mg/L 1
Sulphate, SO4 mg/L 1
Chloride, Cl mg/L 1
Flouride, F mg/L 0.1
Nitrate, NO3 mg/L 0.1
Silica, Si02 mg/L 0.2
Hydroxide, OH mg/L 1
Boron, B mg/L 0.05


LOR- Limit of Reporting

typical analysis meeting all the required parameters

External ident
M Windmill
Electrical Conductivity uS/cm 1 16000
Total Dissolved Solids mg/L 1 10000
pH pH Units 0.05 5.95
Turbidity NTU 0.1 0.1
TurbidityFiltered (Whatman 40) NTU 0.1 0.1
Colour True HZU 1 3
Iron, Fe (Soluble) mg/L 0.01 0.02
Iron (Total), Fe mg/L 0.01 0.03
Hardness mg/L 1 2200
Hydrogen Sulphide, H2S mg/L 0.01 <0.01
Calcium, Ca mg/L 0.1 67
Magnesium, Mg mg/L 0.1 500
Sodium, Na mg/L 1 2600
Potassium, K mg/L 0.1 64
Ammonium as N mg/L 0.05 0.07
Barium, Ba mg/L 0.001 0.095
Strontium, Sr mg/L 0.005 2.2
Carbonate, CO3 mg/L 1 <1
Bicarbonate, HCO3 mg/L 1 30
Sulphate, SO4 mg/L 1 920
Chloride, Cl mg/L 1 5300
Flouride, F mg/L 0.1 <0.4
Nitrate, NO3 mg/L 0.1 79
Silica, Si02 mg/L 0.2 120
Hydroxide, OH mg/L 1 <1
Boron, B mg/L 0.05 3.4